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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

While we're working hard to get things up and running fully, we've had several requests for people to be able to place orders...which also prompts the question of "what do you have available for us?"  So we thought we'd just get a quick listing up for everyone. If you would like to order one or more of the items listed here, just email us directly or touch base with us via the facebook page and we'll get things together for you directly. We really appreciate everyone's support as we're prepping to run things live, and hope you're enjoying a delightful holiday season!

Beta Testing New Products:

Bathmallows are here...but we need your input while we're perfecting them. A texture somewhere between a soft fudge and marshmallows, these are the single most moisturizing things ever! The idea is for you to start squishing and rubbing these all over your body while you're in the bath or shower (kinda like you do with soap, but without lathering first), and then you rinse thoroughly the excess....with the end result of literally having already applied your lotion while you still in the water!

Milk Bombs:

Hot Cocoa

Bath Bombs:

1. Sweet Dreams Lavender
2. Wassail
3. Marathon Recovery
4. Rocky Mtn. Christmas
7. Peppermint Forest

Fizzy Sands:

A. Peppermint Forest
C. Rocky Mtn. Christmas
B. Wassail

Lemon Ginger
Marathon Recovery

Fizzy Bath Butters:

Shower Melts:

i. Sample Pack (2 of each kind of melt)
ii. Morning Sunrise
iii. Sweet Dreams Lavender
iiii. Flu Relief
v. Head Cold Clear Up

Natural Oil Soaps:

I. Lavender Petals (full botanical throughout soap)
II. Lavender Cream (botanical only on the outside)
III. Chocolate Bread (finely ground cocoa powder throughout the bar)
V. Mint Mud Soap (finely ground peppermint leaves throughout the bar)
VI. Peppermint Cream (finely ground peppermint leaves surround the outside and only slightly marbled in the bar)
VII. Lemon, Lemongrass, Calendula Petals (calendula petals throughout the soap as well as on the top)
IIII. Coffee (finely ground coffee beans throughout the soap and along the center top of the bars)

Gift Sets:

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