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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Coffee Scrub Natural Oil Soap...perfect for cutting grime and grease!

Anyone who enjoys to cook, likes to spend time in the garden, or works with engines can appreciate the way that a person's skin will absorb the strong and at times unique smells and oils which seem to soak into every crease just as you're preparing that practical garden bed or that amazingly delicious dish....never mind the way the dirt will embed itself in with the engine grease.  Let me tell you, spending your life with a spouse who has worked in the restaurant industry for nearly 20 years (9+ of which were spent in a kitchen dedicated to Italian-American cuisine) while also maintaining a Master Gardener's certification and who does his own car repairs can certainly make such a firm reality for you! But what to do?  You wouldn't believe the answer we found...and the amazing java scent that naturally comes with!

I began doing a little research and found out that of all things the answer was in something an awful lot of people are throwing into their garbage bins: coffee grounds. I could go on in novels (we'll probably blog all about it later...a few times over, hahaha), but suffice to say I learned that w

hen handled properly, coffee grounds being added to natural oil soaps provide some interesting and powerful results. Whether it comes from the exfoliation (which helps to pull all of that deeply embedded soil from your skin and nails), or the incredible way that it helps pull strong scents like onion, garlic, etc out, you'll be simply amazed! Never mind the ways that the oils in our soaps are meant directly to help moisturize and benefit with an incredible lather which also rinses clean.

The oils and botanicals that go into our soap pots and molds have benefits that can really enchant you with the rich luxuries. So that you can see that for yourself, and in the interest of full disclosure, the components are:  *olive oil,  *coconut oil, *sodium hydroxide (Lye),   *coffee butter, *shea butter,  *aloe butter,  *avocado oil,  *rosehip oil,  *coffee grounds, finely ground

If there is a particular combination of essential oils you'd like to use with the soaps or specific oils/ingredients that you are allergic to that , or even if we can help you create your own custom blend to help identify a special occasion or placement in recreating a special scent memory, please don't hesitate to email us at handmadeheritage@gmail.com so we can get those to your door for you to enjoy!

To order some for yourself or someone you know who would appreciate such a gift, you can contact us via email as above, through the facebook page, or from the etsy shop by clicking HERE. Thanks for spending some of your with us, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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