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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marathon Recovery Fizzy Bath Sand

Whether from running messages along marathon lengths, getting through spring planting, or any number of reasons people have found many ways to help get some relief from strained, sore muscles through time. The wisdom of ages has also taught that people who strain their limbs like that usually heal significantly faster if they are soaked in cooler water temperatures...but who wants to have to smell like liniment after taking a cold bath?!

Believe it or not, we've found a great way to combine that magical traditional blend of essential oils in a pleasing scent balance while adding it to an incredible epsom salt based bath bomb which dissolves fully and properly in the cooler water temps to help your muscles to not bind as tightly while absorbing all of the powerfully salts and oils that are also going to help add a tantalizing pull to keep you in those cooler baths. And if they're that wonderful for the cooler temps, just imagine how incredible they are with hot water baths that you can soak in with that much more of a sigh of enjoyed, indulgent relief!

This bottle comes with 4.55 ozs of the fizzy bath sand in a lovely glass jar which helps to keep the cured bath fizz fresh for when you are ready for them (though it definitely helps that we cure them specifically for the jars).  This way you can add just exactly the amount you would like most to include and even save what you don't use for a later time (or even your next race). To use, simply spoon or pour as much of the fizzy sands as you would like into your bath after running it and watch the fizz begin to go to work.  If you would like to enjoy a little longer bath and still keep things fresh, add more sand from the bottle about half way through.

The ingredients we use for making these are all full of amazing luxuries that you won't believe until you do a little research of your own (or check your own experience and library). To help you with such and in the interest of full disclosure, these sands are made up of: *sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), *citric acid, *cornstarch, *epsom salt,  *rosemary essential oils and leaf,  *eucalyptus essential oil,  *lemongrass essential oil,  orange essential oil.

*Please note: We ask, as a precaution, that people avoid using a bath bomb or session with the fizzy sands more than once per week or every other week, to keep your skin at peak performance and maintain a healthy balance of oils.*

If you would like a custom blend of scents or to place a wholesale order, please be sure to contact us directly....we would LOVE to help you create your own scent experience.

To order some for yourself or someone you know who would appreciate such a gift, you can contact us via email as above, through the facebook page, or from the etsy shop by clicking HERE. Thanks for spending some of your with us, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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