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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Citrus Mint Strata Soap.....find yourself enjoying a citrus grove sunrise!

Imagine a scent that whisks you away to being able to feel a scene of sunlight pouring through the leaves in an orange grove to set the morning dew to sparkling even as it caresses your skin and sets your senses tingling.

Well, in the layers of citrus and mint that this soap is offering you, suddenly you'll find such a refreshing experience at your own fingertips and within your own home. Something even more about this soap is how the colors and scents are entirely from natural sources such as essential oils and the actual citrus zests which are mixed into the batches and then poured in layers for a fun effect that will dance in the wonderful lather across your body, cleansing and moisturizing as it goes. 

Made on a base blend of rich, skin loving plant oils that give you all of the aromatherapy that you love while the zests create the color as well as an amazingly soft exfoliant to help scrub away stresses and grime. With them being a generous 4.7 ozs (measuring 3.5x1x2.5 inches), you are going to love how long they work for you too!

The oils and botanicals that go into our soap pots and molds have benefits that can really enchant you with the rich luxuries. So that you can see that for yourself, and in the interest of full disclosure, the components are: *olive oil *coconut oil *sodium hydroxide (lye) *distilled water *shea butter *aloe butter *avocado oil *rose hip oil *the zest of lemon, orange, and tangelo and *orange, lemon, spearmint, and Willamette peppermint essential oils.

If there is a particular combination of essential oils you'd like to use with the soaps or specific oils/ingredients that you are allergic to that , or even if we can help you create your own custom blend to help identify a special occasion or placement in recreating a special scent memory, please don't hesitate to email us at handmadeheritage@gmail.com so we can get those to your door for you to enjoy!

To order some for yourself or someone you know who would appreciate such a gift, you can contact us via email as above, through the facebook page, or from the etsy shop by clicking HERE. Thanks for spending some of your with us, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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