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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Chocolate Truffle Bath Bomb....rich, heavenly, and decadent!

There are few things that speak of decadence like immersing yourself in a rich, indulgent delight such as soaking in chocolate.

Guess what, folks...we figured out a way to make it so you can actually sit back and REALLY enjoy that moment even as your skin is being made all that much happier with one of our milk bombs (something which marries the delightful fizz of a bath bomb to the creamy luxury of a milk bath in a very unique experience brought all naturally to your skin).  Even better yet, we've been able to add the rich heaven of true chocolate, cacao, as a doorway to antioxidants and a kiss of energy.

The small bath bombs weigh in at a minimum 3.5  full ounces, so you'll really be able to enjoy all of that fizzing loveliness while the chocolate soothes your senses. If you would like a larger chocolate bomb to soak in longer, or even a way to continually add some to your bath (and then save the extras for later use), be sure to either message us or scan through the shop for other size options and even jars of Chocolate Truffle bath fizz.

The ingredients we use for making these are all full of amazing luxuries that you won't believe until you do a little research of your own (or check your own experience and library). To help you with such and in the interest of full disclosure, these sands are made up of: *sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), *citric acid, *sucrose (sugar), *whole dry milk, *cacao (where chocolate comes from, in our case used directly), *vanilla planifolia (finely ground specks, oleoresin and extracts in alcohol)

To use, simply draw a hot bath then after getting in yourself drop the bath bomb into the water. Then relax back and enjoy as the natural ingredients go to work exfoliating and cleansing your skin while the scent draws you in and works through aromatherapy upon your senses.

These are all natural bath bombs, which means we're using strictly essential oils and botanicals to create the scents and colors. As delightful as they are, they can sometimes leave behind a little bit of a mess. To stop that, all you need to do is put them into an old nylon sock. After you drop it down into the toe of the sock and tie off just above the bomb. (If you cut the sock at this point, you are able to tie off the end to use for a bomb in the future.) Then just drop the bomb as you would normally, and when your bath is finished you simply take the spent bomb nylon and drop it into the garbage while the remainders of the bomb is taken down the drain.

While the bath bombs are incredibly beneficial for the skin, they are also powerfully astringent so for safety be certain that you allow time in between uses. We recommend at least 7-10 days minimum to protect the skin from becoming irritated.

If you would like a custom scent experience created just for your purposes either for personal use or commercial, or would like one of our products without a particular ingredient, please contact us directly at handmadeheritage@gmail.com as we'd love to work with you!

To order some for yourself or someone you know who would appreciate such a gift, you can contact us via email as above, through the facebook page, or from the etsy shop by clicking HERE. Thanks for spending some of your with us, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

1 comment:

Kylie said...

I loved the chocolate bath bomb!! It was so heavenly to soak in - the smell was delightful and lasted for oh so long! And when I got out my skin felt all silky and smooth - I assume from the milk element? I highly highly recommend this one for any chocolate lover out there! It does leave cocoa nibs in the tub afterward - but I'm told tossing the bath bomb in a knee high nylon eliminates that problem. And it cleaned up so easily that it didn't bother me at all. Seriously - the bath bombs are fantastic!!!!!!!