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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Soap Mats/Face Scrubbies....a soft multi-use tool that is decorative too!

You know the frustration that comes with having those amazing, natural oil soaps that are soooo amazing for your skin...but which slip and slide all over the sink and counters leaving a soapy mess? Then you think, "That's ok, I have a soap dish"... but then the thing is a single-use product that you have to scrub out and is always getting in the way when it isn't in active use (and that the kids are frequently picking up and possibly breaking). Yep, you are not alone with your frustrations!

 Good news is, we have a solution for you! These soap mats work terrifically as soap dishes, with the cotton mats laying on the side of your tub or sink such that it doesn't slip and slide all over and which also absorb that little bit of soap that comes from the rich lather as it slides off your favorite bar preventing any kind of soapy build up on your surfaces. Thanks to the way these are stitched there is an slight ridge to the outside of the soap mat, so even those slight scoops and inclines of your elegant sinks aren't enough to send your soap sliding down. Another point behind these is that they will help your soap to last longer, since they help to wick the water away from the soap bars letting them dry in between use....and without the soap mats getting mildewed either since cotton dries out so much faster than many other materials. Then when you are done with the bar, simply rinse out your soap mat thoroughly by hand and throw it in with your laundry to keep the mats fresh.

 A really great additional point behind these soap mats is that they are also very functional face scrubbies...but with their measuring a helpful 4x5 inch measurement they offer more coverage space. Crocheted from a wonderfully soft cotton yarn, these are done with the stitches working to very gently exfoliate and massage your skin as you use them to remove your makeup and the day's dirt and oils. 

*Cotton is a material notorious in the fiber world for color bleeding. In washing these, the first time there might be just a little bit of color bleed off if you are washing them without using up an entire soap bar first. Just be sure to let them run through your washer with similar colors, just to be safe, but otherwise we've not experienced any problems that might otherwise present themselves.*

If there is a color combination that you would like other than the ones we have shown, please don't hesitate to contact us. The cotton yarn we use has a fairly wide variety of colors available, so making some which will fit exactly with your own family's likes as well as complementing your own decor shouldn't be too much of a problem.

To order some for yourself, you only need to choose between an etsy shop purchase (CLICK HERE to go to the shop listing), contact us on our facebook page (CLICK HERE to go to the facebook page), or emailing us at handmadeheritage@gmail.com

What colors would you like to see with these most?

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